Organization and corporate management

Corporate Compliance

Sede di RomaThe consulting activity of the Firm in the field of corporate compliance encompasses, among others, the following activities:
• analysis, revision and up-dating of organizational procedures, management systems, internal regulations, protocols and preventive measures, in close co-operation with the Company’s management;
• drafting and constant up-dating of the Organisational Management and Control Model and of the Code of Ethics (Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001), as well as of connected corporate procedures and deeds;
• drafting and constant up-dating of Codes of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Guidelines;
• constant training and information to corporate governance bodies, managers, officers, employees and third parties in general in topics connected with corporate compliance, through written communication and training meetings;
• monitoring of compliance systems and their constant improvement and up-dating to applicable legislation;
• establishment of corporate data protection systems, with predisposition of appointments, information, organization charts and documentation, in compliance with EC Regulation 2016/679; management of reports, claims and/or notices to the Data Protection Authority; legal opinions on the compliance of corporate practices with the relevant legislation; drafting of internal regulations necessary for the correct implementation of data protection rules, including the Internal Disciplinary on corporate IT resources; drafting of the minutes of trade union agreements provided for by art. 4 of Law 300/1970 in case of installation of video surveillance and / or geolocation systems and management of the subsequent activities with the Data Protection Authority;
• establishment of safety at work management systems, both in Italy and for companies operating abroad; identification of the corporate safety chart; drafting of safety proxies and of Manager and / or Supervisor appointments, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/2008; revision of RSPP appointments; revision of the Risks Evaluation Document and Country Schedules for companies working abroad;
• predisposition of all legal documentation (general conditions, disclaimers, regulations, etc.) relevant to and arising from the implementation of corporate e-procurement systems;
• drafting of all documentation relating to the establishment and management of the suppliers’ register, both in Italy and abroad (with the definition of qualification criteria, of required documentation, of periodic evaluation systems, of forms), offering to customers a help desk for foreign suppliers.


Sede di Brescia

The Firm has consolidated experience in the drafting of all corporate contracts, which also take into account  compliance needs (Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no 231/2001, data protection, safety in the workplace, antitrust regulations, provisions on financial flows tracking, etc.), such as for example: sales concessions, supply, sub-supply, agency, work execution, franchising, consulting, license of industrial and intellectual property rights, technology transfers and licenses, confidentiality agreements, etc. The Firm assists companies operating in Italy and abroad, during all phases of negotiation, execution and subsequent management of the contractual relationship.

Sede di Roma

Corporate governance

The Firm assists its clients, be them big, medium-sized or small companies, in the management and selection of various corporate governance models, in relations amongst shareholders and amongst corporate bodies, in the drafting of corporate documentation, including minutes of shareholder meetings and Board of Director meetings.

Extraordinary operations

The Firm also provides assistance in extraordinary corporate operation (mergers and acquisitions, sale and purchase of companies’ assets, etc.) as well as corporate restructuring, including the bankruptcy field.