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Sede di Roma

The firm was established in 1966 by the founder, Vittorio Caporale, who, in 1982, was joined by two new partners, Benedetto Giovanni Carbone and Giuseppe Giuffrè and in 2013 by Luigi Strano and Francesca Caporale.

Within its field, the Firm is a key player in terms of professionalism and competence for business realities and public entities.

Since its foundation the Firm has distinguished itself for legal support in the field of public contracts, it being recognised as a key player in the Italian procurement sector, with specific focus on the management of complex infrastructural programs, supporting public and para-public entities, which must adopt transparent codes of behaviour in procurement procedures and execution of construction contracts.

 Sede di Brescia
The Firm’s main field of activity are as follows:
• the establishment and implementation of public-private partnership operations;
• the drafting of: contracts, construction contract specifications, calls for tenders and tender specifications for bidding procedures;
• the management of expropriation and authorisation procedures;
• urban planning issues related to public and private initiatives;
• the incorporation of project companies, shareholder agreements and joint venture agreements;
the management of activities provided for in construction contracts;
• the management of both employer and contractor claims.

Sede di Roma

Furthermore, the Firm grants out-of-court legal consultancy and judicial assistance in litigation before Administrative Courts and within public procurement procedures. The Firm also assists companies before Civil Courts and in arbitration proceedings, with regard to the various phases of contracts.

Throughout, the Firm has also developed qualified experience in assistance to companies in commercial and corporate law field. This has been carried out both at a national and international level by highly skilled professional teams specialized in many strategic sectors.Sede di Brescia

Offices in Brescia and Milan have been opened, so as to grant greater proximity to the needs of entrepreneurs.